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Support our work with endangered giant clams

plus reef restoration, food security, and carbon capture research!

Want to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint but are unsure of the impact your offsets are having?

When you donate to IMARCS, your CO2 offsets can be seen - literally!

Our mariculture projects remove CO2 from the atmosphere and store the carbon in the hard shells of marine organisms. This is not only easier to measure, but it also keeps the CO2 locked away for good!

Clam Mariculture

As our main avenue for direct carbon removal, food security, and threatened species preservation, we grow multiple species of giant clams.

We currently grow five species of giant clams:
  • Tridacna crocea
  • Tridacna derasa
  • Tridacna maxima
  • Tridacna squamosa
  • Tridacna noae

Coral Mariculture

Coral mariculture is the process of growing and raising large numbers of healthy corals in a specialized aquarium by replicating natural coral reproduction and growth.

Goniopora spp.
Also known as flowerpot coral, we grow goniopora for the Japanese aquarium trade and for medical purposes!
Zoanthid spp.
We grow beautiful zoanthids as part of our fundraising efforts. Because Japan doesn’t have a legal framework for exporting coral with a stony skeleton.

Other Mariculture

We also include a variety of other species in our mariculture efforts, including various macro algae species, snails, and other beneficial invertebrates.

We will be introducing other bivalves, additional corals, and beneficial invertebrates as our mariculture facilities grow!


We are constantly working to correct misinformation in the marine science field, especially as it pertains to coral reefs. We also partner with local schools to provide tours for students, universities to offer internships, and other foundations to expand our impact. 

See our blog for the latest on our work helping to educate, elucidate, and inspire.


Check out one of our giant clams removing and storing carbon in real-time

By supporting IMARCS you’re supporting threatened marine species, permanent carbon removal, educational activities, and the livelihood of persecuted Karen peoples!

Support Us

Supporting endangered giant clams and research into novel ways for nature-based carbon removal doesn't have to involve spending money or even much time.

When you share our articles, or photos, or links to our mission and vision - on any social media channels - you are supporting IMARCS and the work that we are doing.

You are an integral part of the work that we are doing just by helping us get our message to a wider audience.

Thank you for this support.

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